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Cole MacGrath vs. Alex Mercer

From Rooster Teeth's Death Battle series

Ken vs. Rock Howard

Death Battle Cast

It's SWATS vs. Omega Sparx in a battle of wits to see who could win a Death Battle!


Black Adam vs. Apocalypse!

"Fallen Gods"

Black Adam (SWATS) and Omega Sparx (Apocalypse) face off once again in the theme to another Death Battle. The earth will shake when these two collide!

It's Time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle kicked off this season pitting two popular supercharged heroes against one another.

This particular Death Battle marked the first time SWATS had been a part of a Rooster Teeth production, let alone a Death Battle.

With Miles Morales being one of SWATS' favorite heroes, he made sure to show up, playing the part of Spider-Man on the track, "Watts Up Danger" which was written specifically for this episode.

View the full episode below.


SWATS, Omega Sparx & JT Music

Many fans of the episode also raved about the track playing in the background.

Watts Up Danger was built from the ground up by SWATS, Omega Sparx and JT Music in partnership with the Death Battle crew.

The construction of this track and all of the preparation that went into building the episode was truly an unforgettable experience.

Watts Up Danger

Watts Up Danger continues to be one of the top songs SWATS is a main artist on. Choose your preferred streaming service to listen below.


The Fight Rages On

SWATS vs. Brandon Yates

Death Battle Alums SWATS and Brandon Yates match wits and bars in a rap battle to determine the king of the streets.

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