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Welcome to the world of MCs!


Emotionally-driven and jovial, Sparx represents the heart. Born of humble beginnings with an instinctual knack for M.I.C. battles, his typical child-like enthusiasm and excitement hides a beast, ready to erupt. 

Sparx enters his 1st Junior League tournament to experience the rush of battle and follow clues behind a loved one's disappearance.

AGE: 17

Mono-cord Affinity: Fire

Cool, cunning and electric, SWATS embodies the mind. A highly talented martial artist from a prominent, well-to-do family, famous for their expertly forged M.I.C.s seen throughout the series.

SWATS has a chip on his shoulder and views his opponents as obstacles in the way of his primary goal. He fights with surgical accuracy for revenge and honor.

AGE: 17.5

Mono-cord Affinity: Electricity

Zoey is soul personified, but is missing part of her own. She is an official Pro M.I.C. Battler and in her professional career as a Pop Icon she has by all means "made it" if such a thing exists.

She has everything at the surface, but it doesn't mean anything anymore. Zoey has lost the inner shine that inspired her to be great in the first place, though she has yet to realize it.


AGE: 20

Mono-cord Affinity: Gravity


We Need You!

MCs needs your support to continue this amazing story beyond issue #1. Building a comic book from the ground up is extremely expensive! It not only takes time and effort but an enormous amount of money to complete. Funds go toward building the story, paying all artists, editors and writers included; also printing and shipping of any phisycal copies. We are extremely grateful for your contributions at any tier and will make sure you are rewarded hansomly with exclusive content!


Meet the emcees behind MCs!

Long-time friends Sean "SWATS" Watson and Gerrell "Omega Sparx Hoover are the masterminds behind the world of MCs! Joint them in this near-future setting that features two exciting teenage characters based on younger versions of the creators themselves!

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