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The King of Fighters Allstar


SWATS is an avid player of The King of Fighters and that includes its mobile counterpart, KOF Allstar.

This partnership began when new online features and and eSports were the highest priority and continued when Netmarble partnered with WWE, inviting their powerful wrestlers into the KOF arena for the first time in history.

During this opportunity, SWATS and Omega Sparx would often reminisce over the fact that one the first fighting games they faced each other in was The King of Fighters 98. 


K.O. | SWATS & Omega Sparx

The first Marketing campaign featuring the song "K.O." by SWATS & Omega Sparx plus a special guest appearance by FGC legend, Justin Wong.

Legends | SWATS & Omega Sparx

The second marketing event SWATS and Omega Sparx partnered with Netmarble/KOF on was related to their WWE Special Signature Characters.

Seeing banter between The Rock and SWATS' favorite video game character, Rock Howard was quite entertaining.

Screenshot_20220324-013527_KOF ALLSTAR_edited.jpg

Shatter | SWATS, Omega Sparx, AlexV

After over 20 years, SNK and CAPCOM team up for an exiting collaboration. Check out the new single "Shatter" featuring SWATS ad Kyo Kusanagi

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